Nanolux Technology team brings over 40 years of experience

We are a forerunner of innovation and have received more patents than any other ballast brand on the market. The Nanolux Technology team brings over 40 years of experience in the horticultural and hydroponic industries to the table. We also have the largest network in the industry with the best after sale service, bar none.
Nanolux Technology is continually advancing the industry, surpassing the status quo with new designs that are not only more efficient but also smaller in size. For example, the Nanolux uses cutting edge circuit board technology which allows us to produce digital ballasts at half the size of traditional models and at a quarter of the weight.

Nanolux ballasts will operate HPS and MH lamps and include a random start feature, giving each ballast a 0-15 second window to strike the lamp which allows for a lower initial power draw when using multiple ballasts, eliminating the possibility of power spikes. In addition, Nanolux ballasts are programmed with “soft start” and “soft dimming” functions which help extend lamp life, short or open circuit protection, and thermal overload protection. Nanolux ballasts operate on 100-265 volts and utilize an LED notification system. This indicator allows the user to easily diagnose problems such as fan failure or non-optimal voltage.

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