The DEFNC 4×4 fixture is designed to produce vertical light penetration over a 4’ x 4’ tray. The reflector is designed to have ALL of the available light fall onto a 4’ x 4’ grid at a 24” install height over the canopy top.

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  • Heavy duty die cast bridge will not rust

  • Provide 8% better light uniformity than the competition

  • Slow Start, Open circuit/Low voltage protection

  • Compatible with other industry DE bulbs


The NCCS APP is designed to provide a complete solution for the control of the lighting and environmental controls of the grow room.

NCCS APP Introduction


  • Input Voltage 120VAC/208VAC/220VAC/240VAC/277VAC(Optional)
  • Output Voltage 200VAC-300VAC
  • Input Frequency 50Hz-60Hz
  • Output Power 1200W Max
  • Power Factor ≥0.99
  • Crest Factor <1.7
  • THD ≤10%
  • Dimming 600W-660W-750W-825W-1000W-1200W
  • Strike Lamp DE HPS1000W/DE MH1000W
  • Protection Function Over Temperature;Over/Under Voltage; Open/Short Circuit
  • Size(L*W*H) 463*665*260mm 18.2*26.1*10.2inch
  • Weight 5.93kgs 13.07lbs