The Nanolux THC controller is a full solution Temperature, Humidity and CO₂ controller. The unit comes with the Humidity and Temperature functions included. If CO₂ controlling is to be added, the CO₂ sensor module can be purchased and easily inserted into the remote probe. It also comes with fuzzy logic CO₂ functions already programmed into it. We use the most accurate and reliable GE dual band CO₂ sensor which auto adjusts. The THC controller has a full color touch screen with all menus and help functions programmed into the unit. The THC controller can be easily mounted at visual height in the growing area with the remote THC switch box located in a different more convenient wiring area. This eliminates a mass of wires hanging off the user interface controller. The THC Switch Box has six outputs which include CO₂, heating, cooling, humidify, dehumidify and an auxiliary output. Interlocks can be turned on and off between functions. The THC Controller also provides VPD functions for the more advanced users. The THC Controller easily wirelessly connects to a NANOLUX NCCS DTU allowing remote access control and readout functions from any remote location via the NCCS APP on a smart phone or tablet. Notifications can be sent through to the APP which can alert you of any out of range problems. The firm ware in the THC Controller can be updated through the NCCS to allow for future updates and upgrades to the system.

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  • Probe-remote temp, humidity & CO₂ (THC)with highly accurate sensor

  • Increase or decrease temp/humidity/CO₂ to a specified level

  • Reliable and user-friendly


The NCCS APP is designed to provide a complete solution for the control of the lighting and environmental controls of the grow room.

NCCS APP Introduction


  • THC Control The main controller with remote probe
  • THC SB Switch box
  • THC CO₂ CO₂ sensor module